Experienced. Passionate. Family-led.

Helping automotive businesses in Canada, and the US expand into the Middle-East for more than 30 years.

Connecting companies in North America to the Middle-Eastern market since the early 90’s.

Meriwan LTD has a network of retailers, and salespeople across the Middle-East, as well as multiple warehouses positioned across the region from Erbil, Iraq, to Jebel Al-Ali Port in Dubai, alongside partners ranging across Dubai, Iraq, Jordan, and Saudi – Arabia.

We are confident that our team’s unique experiences with the region, its customs, people and focus, will absolutely be an asset to your business expanding its markets into regions you did not think possible.

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Salar Saleh


Mirwan Saleh


Our Services


We distribute products across the Middle-East, purchasing containers shipped to nearby ports, and stored in our warehouses to be distributed across retailers in the region.


We partner with select businesses to help them expand into the region by helping build up an office, and warehouse expansions in the region to work together and manage sales in the region.

Counterfeit Protection

We help businesses we work with by informing them of any counterfeit products made in the regions of their goods by competitors, and other businesses to maintain brand reputation, and quality in the region.